Local vendor Offers Founders Day Tastings to Divine9 Groups

Greenville, South Carolina - Each member organization of the Divine 9 can celebrate their respective Founders and Founders’ Day in fellowship with a wine, whiskey, bourbon, or scotch tasting. Guests will experience one full hour of exclusivity in their partitioned area to include 1869’s rustic pine finished high-end tasting room, with smooth jazz and light cracker trays.

Up to five international wines will be showcased for the Brothers’ & Sisters’ pleasure, with the option of upgrading to a curated charcuterie board. Wine offerings will consist of white, rose, and red wines from the foothills of California; Austrian vineyard; mountainous regions of Northern Greece, and the Aegean Sea. Our scotch, whiskey & bourbon offerings will come from the best distilleries in Tennessee and Kentucky, while up to four will be presented for sampling. Similarly, our scotch selection is derived from the Speyside and Highlands region of Scotland. An experienced tasting facilitator will be dedicated to making your celebrative toast in honor of your Founders tasteful & memorable.

Wine per-person cost reduced from $25 to year of founding ($19.08, $19.11, $19.13, etc) … add $10 for whiskey, bourbon, or scotch. Two tastings per day. Limit 25 per tasting. Please contact 1869 Boutique Liquor and Wine at 1869blw@gmail.com for more information.

Here is upcoming schedule for January 2022:

1869 Boutique Liquor & Wine

2022 Tasting Events Line Up


1.5.22 Kappa Alpha Psi Founders’ Day Tasting

1.8.22 Vison Board Tasting

1.9.22 Phi Beta Sigma Founders’ Day Tasting

1.13.22 Delta Sigma Theta Founders’ Day Tasting

1.15.22 Alpha Kappa Alpha Founders’ Day Tasting

1.16.22 Zeta Phi Beta Founders’ Day Tasting