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Signature Events

Here are is a listing of the Council signature events and programs have conduct in the community.

We have several signature events for the council that is designed to promote a positive image for the member chapters and inspire fellowship and communication among our members.

Here are our recent events:

Greek Cookout at Southside Park in 2008

Pan Greek Cookout

The Greek Cookout is an annual event held every August where NPHC Greeks are invited to socialize and network with each other. The Cookout is sponsored solely by the Upstate PAN council.

Greek Village at the Upstate Black Expo 2011

Black Greek Village

The Greek Village is a display area for local NPHC organizations to make the community aware of their projects and program. It raises for funds a community in the local area. It is a sponsor as a part of the Upstate Black Expo held in the Carolina First Center.

Minority Leadership Mixer

Day of Fellowship is an annual gathering in the Spring where the Leadership of the Greek community has invited to a meet and greet with the leaders of the service organization. The purpose is to introduce NPHC Leadership to each other and other leaders in the Upstate.

Council Retreat at AKA Service Center in 2009

Greek Council Retreat

The annual Retreat held in June is where members of the Council and Chapter Presidents can discuss joint efforts and plan for the following year.

Regular Council Meetings

Held on the fourth Monday of every month (subject to change), the Council Meeting serves as a consistent means of communication

Day of Fellowship at Pilgrim's Rest Baptist Church in 2012

Annual Day of Fellowship

Day of Fellowship is an annual gathering in February where members of the Greek community are encouraged to wear their organization pin at their local church for services. A meal is usually planned for afterward at a local restaurant or at the selected church.