NPHC-GG posts its Final Bylaws

Post date: Jul 25, 2018 6:57:21 AM

Greenville, South Carolina - The council has posted its final version of its revised Bylaws before it plans to ratify the document at our next council meeting. This effort was started some time ago in response to the National organization of NPHC call to all of its member councils to revise their local bylaws in 2012. That call requires councils to reconstruct their bylaws and remove their constitution. Local councils should only use the bylaws for their mission, vision and operational rules. The only exemption is when an University or College requires a constitution in order for council to be recognized.

NPHC-GG has created a new report page with the final draft of the bylaws and will use this page to maintain the document in the future. Chapters and representatives are encouraged to review this revised document with their membership before August 27, 2018.

Go to the NPHC Constitution & Bylaws Template 2014

Go to our Council bylaws to review the draft.