NPHC Promotes Voter Education with

Post date: Oct 7, 2014 1:00:51 PM

Voter Register and information at SCvotes.sorg

Upstate, South Carolina - Despite the fact that the last day to register was October 4th, NPHC Council is still urging its member chapters to promote Voter Education and Information in their local communities. "There has been a huge amount of change to the voting process in South Carolina, and we should make as many people aware of those changes through Voter Education leading up to the state-wide elections," said Jennifer Clark, Current NPHC president. South Carolina's General Election day is on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 and there are critical choices for voters to make in key state wide offices as well as for constitutional amendments. Chapters can take the initiative in many ways, but one of the best available options is to use the numerous resources on the website. The site is sponsor by the SC State election commission and has a number of simple and effective options for chapters to promote voter awareness and education in the coming weeks.

Resources on the website include:

  • Posters promoting the changes with the Photo ID Requirements

  • Sample Ballots for every county in the state.

  • Polling locations based on your address

  • An extensive Candidate Information & Tracking System

  • 2014 Election Calendar, including deadlines for absentee voting

  • Constitutional Amendment Explanations

  • Voter Information Brochures

There are also many resources for tracking past elections data, poll worker information, the latest news and updates about the elections process. Visit the site today and utilize one of these options for your area.

Here are some of the full size posters explaining the new Photo ID Requirements: